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CBD & Hemp Credit Card Processing

For merchants selling Hemp and CBD-related products, it has been a challenge to find stable and reliable credit card processing for both retail and ecommerce businesses. Merchants have had to deal with unconventional payment and non-transparent payment solutions for years with some combination of ridiculous pricing, inconvenient funding terms, holdbacks and reserves, and the issue of being shut down months after getting approved.

CBD merchant processing has been a revolving door of bank solutions that first say they can accept your business, then all of a sudden, they cannot. Even years after full legalization with the passage of the Hemp Farm Bill, merchant acquiring banks and processors have been slow to change, and there are still very few that are willing to process credit card payments for CBD merchants.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Start Accepting Credit Cards

MMJPay & CBD Payments – The Solution

CBD CC Processing

At MMJPay, our Payment Professionals have been in the high risk and non-conventional credit card processing arena for years and understand the nuances of high-risk merchant accounts. We know that the CBD industry is quite different from traditional merchant processing and have spent years researching and navigating the payments landscape of the cannabis industry.

CBD merchants no longer have to deal with the frustration of finding stable and reliable credit card processing. We have developed the merchant bank relationships that make us the provider of choice for CBD merchants everywhere for compliant and CBD-friendly payment solutions. We understand the unique needs and requirements of CBD merchants. Our team of underwriters has the experience and expertise in CBD payments and know what it takes to get merchant accounts approved and up and running.

Our merchants can expect the following:

Fastest underwriting times in the industry, approval within 3 – 5 days.

Fully functional debit and credit card processing.

Compliance with all regulatory and industry standards.

Broad selection of terminals and POS software for retail CBD locations.

Gateway software solutions that integrate seamlessly to your favored ecommerce shopping cart.

The lowest rates in the industry...

with our multitude of bank processing solutions, we can always find the best fit and the best rates for every merchant.

Startup merchants are accepted.

Delta-8 and Hemp flower products accepted

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