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Banking & Payment Solutions

for the Cannabis Industry

Accept credit card payments at your cannabis related business.

Credit Card Processing for 'High-Risk' Businesses

Is your business considered “High-Risk”?

Historically, legal medical marijuana businesses have been forced to take the risks involved with being cash businesses. With MMJPay, you can enjoy the benefits of modern payment processing while remaining compliant with federal reporting guidelines.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Retail Marijuana

Allow customers to pay using a debit card at your dispensary in a seamless and efficient manner.

MMJ Delivery

Our 4G terminals allow your drivers to take credit card payments at point of delivery.

CBD & Hemp Businesses

Offering fully compliant and CBD-friendly payment processing solutions. 

Legal States

Why Choose MMJPay?

We are an independent payments consultant with a specialty in the 420 payments arena.   Our business specializes in identifying payment solutions for the cannabis industry, seeking out ONLY legitimate solutions, where the banks and processors are knowingly and openly accepting your business.

Cashless ATM

The most stable electronic payment solution in the market for merchant dispensaries today and the most cost effective.

CBD Payment Processing

Stop dealing with the frustration of finding stable and reliable credit card processing.

High-Risk Processing

With MMJPay’s vast experience in high risk processing, finding a merchant account for most businesses is like a walk in the park.

Get the same financial support as other retail businesses

MMJPay goes beyond payment processing & provides a breadth of financial solutions that helps cannabis businesses streamline their financial operations.

Point of Sale

Process payments through any PC or android device. Our solutions provides robust sales reporting, as well as different employee permissions.


For customers who prefer cash, we can provide you with an on-site ATM, which we’ll manage, while you earn a share of the profits.

Mobile Payments

Our mobile solution makes it easy to accept payments with a mobile card-reader in states where in-person delivery is allowed.


We help our businesses set up bank accounts with our partnered financial institutions that serve the cannabis industry.

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