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MMJ Delivery & Curbside Pickup

Marijuana delivery businesses require a more streamline approach…

The popularity of both medical and recreational marijuana is skyrocketing all over the country as legalization of one or both has occurred in more and more states.

Combined with pandemic fears, this has resulted in increasing demand for curbside pickup at and delivery of cannabis products from dispensaries. This trend has created a need for compliant and efficient payment solutions to accommodate the unique requirements of the cannabis industry.

MMJPay’s Cashless ATM solution offers merchants the technology and service platform necessary to effect electronic payments from cannabis customers.

MMJPay offers a mobile 4G Terminal option that can be used for both curbside pickup and cannabis deliveries. This terminal is state-of-the-art and also offers EMV chip-reading capability for the highest level of security and fraud prevention.

MMJ Delivery

Here is what cannabis merchants can expect from MMJPay’s Cashless ATM solution:

Fast Approval & Terminal Deployment

Accept Pin-Based Debit Transactions

Sleek terminal with beautiful Touchscreen display, with Wifi or 4G connectivity

Take electronic payments for delivery & curbside transactions with 4G LTE terminal

With EMV capability, minimize fraud and enhance the security of your transactions

Batch time of 12pm midnight for easy reconciliation of your day’s transactions

Fastest Funding Times in the Industry

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