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Our Solutions

MMJPay has the latest solutions for your payment processing.

We realize how important it is be able to be able to execute electronic or cashless transactions.  Reducing the use of cash in the store will create a safer environment for your customers and staff, while reaping the benefits of less cash to handle and transport.  When you are a growing company that needs to grow and deploy capital, electronic payments gives merchants the transparency and legitimacy that they need to be able to deploy capital in additional land, real estate, or other hard assets.

Our Solutions

Get the same financial support as other retail businesses

MMJPay goes beyond payment processing & provides a breadth of financial solutions that helps cannabis businesses streamline their financial operations.

Point of Sale

Process payments through any PC or android device. Our solutions provides robust sales reporting, as well as different employee permissions.


For customers who prefer cash, we can provide you with an on-site ATM, which we’ll manage, while you earn a share of the profits.

Mobile Payments

Our mobile solution makes it easy to accept payments with a mobile card-reader in states where in-person delivery is allowed.


We help our businesses set up bank accounts with our partnered financial institutions that serve the cannabis industry.

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